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There are two programs for the 2016-2017 year:

Certificate in Worship Leadership

Certificate in Clergy and Congregational Wellness


One (1) year programs

    Four courses-each course is 5 weeks

    Learners enroll in one course at a time

    On-going Apprenticeships/Observations throughout the year with an Approved Learning Resource Coach

    Required summer intensive in Atlanta, Ga. /Charlotte, NC

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    Available courses

    Thinking Theologically: Reflections on Worship & Justice

    Foundations course purposed to introduce, re-orientate thinking around justice-minded worship leading; survey of scripture and how justice is addressed; students develop a strong philosophy of justice-minded worship leading/planning


    At the end of this learning experience students should be able to:

    ·      Have a clear understanding of what it means to think theologically

    ·      Understand justice as a way of life, not something done on occasion; how worship can be used as a catalyst for empowering communities to live in this manner;

    ·      Understand what Scripture says (in both Testaments) about justice as an attribute of God and godly living

    ·       Understand the need to recover the cultural and spiritual value of lament


    Understanding the responsibility and role of the congregation in worship; survey of African and African American hymnody and congregational song; congregational singing as a vehicle of spiritual formation; how to plan and lead congregational singing that is transformative; hospitable worship leadership and being aware of who is (and isn't) in the room;


    At the end of this learning experience, students should be able to:

    • Have a broad(er) understanding of the role of the congregation in African American worship
    • Orient their leadership style to build community through, gesture, choice of words and tone.